Power Transmission & Distribution

Power Transmission & Distribution

A power substation is a subsidiary station of an electricity generation, transmission and distribution system where voltage is transformed from high to low or the reverse using transformers. Nowadays, multiple protocols exist for substation automation, which include many proprietary protocols with custom communication links. Interoperation of devices from different vendors would be an advantage to users of substation automation devices. New IEC-61850 international standard for substation automation systems defines the communication between devices in the substation and the related system requirements. It supports all substation automation functions and their engineering:

- A single protocol for complete substation considering modeling of different data required for substation.
- Definition of basic services required to transfer data so that the entire mapping to communication protocol can be made future proof.
- Promotion of high interoperability between systems from different vendors.
- A common method/format for storing complete data.
- Define complete testing required for the equipments which confirms to the standard.


In next-generation IEC-61850 power substation systems, communication gateways and managed switches play an important role. Fanless designs, managed LANs, isolated I/O, dual power inputs and a 1U Rackmount form factor are necessary in this type of application. Advantech's UNO and EKI series have been successfully implemented into several important applications in this field.

Existing power substations exist many proprietary devices and networks in between. On the way moving toward IEC-61850 standard, it needs communication gateways and Ethernet switches to link those proprietary devices together. Because of harsh working environment in power substation automation, equipments have to be featuredwith robustness design, such as wide operating temperature, isolation I/O, dual power inputs, vibration & shock protection and rackmount installation etc.

To fulfill needs of power substation automation system, Advantech offers:

* Communication gateway: Advantech UNO series is a fanless design, reliable and compact embedded computing platform with multiple isolated serial ports as communication gateway for your applications. It offers isolation serial and digital I/O lines, dual power inputs, rackmount form factor designed for power substation automation applications

* Industrial-grade Switch: Advantech EKI series offer you robust industrial-grade switch solution. It equips with redundant DC power inputs, wide operating temperature ranged from -40 to 85'C to secure stable Ethernet connections.

* Programmable automation controllers: APAX-5000 series, the new PAC solution from Advantech, integrates control, information processing and networking in a single platform. By leveraging the latest automation technology, APAX-5000 series offers a unique system architecture, providing dual controllers for different tasks, same I/O with changeable controllers, and flexible I/O expansion with deterministic performance. All these features make Advantech’s PAC system more reliable, scalable and flexible, satisfying various complicated control and automation applications.