Tunnel Monitoring System for Superhighways

The Longling-Ruili Highway, a section of the National Superhighway Network between Hangzhou and Ruili, Yunnan, stretches 157.712 km from the four-lane Baoshan-Longling Expressway to Ruili at the China-Myanmar border. Along the way, there are 154.6 km of expressways and 3.112 km of Class 2 highways, as well as a mega bridge, 158 regular bridges, eight tunnels (including the 3.130-km Mangsa Tunnel), and nine highway intersections, al of which amount to a total investment of RMB 10.941 billion.

The highways in Yunnan are complex and feature many long winding sections. Given the influence of fluctuating traffic levels, periodic extreme weather conditions, varying road profiles and a range of topographical features, it is crucial that a reliable monitoring system be in place to provide real-time information on environmental conditions inside the tunnels. This would also contribute to mitigating climate changes by reducing traffic congestion due to accidents or breakdowns.


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