3 Reasons to Choose Industrial Monitors vs. Commercial Monitors for Industry 4.0 Applications

In Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 applications, more and more customers need to be able to visualize data and processing from embedded machines. Data visualization and process control helps at all levels of the decision-making process, and is best accomplished with human machine interface (HMI).

What is HMI? Generally, it’s used to describe any user interface—such as an LED LCD monitor—that connects users to a machine, device or system. For example, an LED LCD monitor screen allows users to interact with a machine or device in industrial processes. HMI helps bridge the gap between how users connect with process and automation data.

To bridge this gap, a popular option is to implement an LED LCD monitor system where it fits within the factory floor and industry application process. When it comes to LED LCD monitor choices for the factory floor, the first big decision is whether to go with commercial monitors or industrial-grade monitors. When reviewing various monitor prices at face value, it may seem like commercial monitors are the cheaper option, but this is a far-too common mistake.


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