LoRaWAN Wireless Vibration Sensor

  • LoRaWAN wireless connectivity
  • Built-in 3-axis accelerometer and temperature sensor
  • Computing total 8 vibration characteristic values on board Compliant with ISO 10816
  • IP66 with battery-powered, no wiring installation needed
  • Combined with predictive diagnosis scheme, the probability of occurrence can be analyzed to reduce operating costs and provide a basis for decision-making
  • Support wide temperature -20 ~ 85 ?C
  • Strong calculation and pre-analysis capabilities, such as vibration eigenvalues, can be used for predictive maintenance
  • End-to-cloud support, with a strong penetrating wireless scheme to ensure the stability of data transmission
  • Preset configuration program, provide data open interface, to meet the fast start, fast networking

Datasheet (PDF)

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