15″ XGA TFT LED LCD Thin-Client Terminal with Intel? Atom? Processor

  • Durable touchscreen with 5-wire resistive touch control
  • Front-facing LED indicators to show operating status
  • True-flat touchscreen with IP66-rated front panel and default VESA 100×100
  • Wide operating temperature range -20 ~ 60 ?C (-4 ~ 140 ?F)
  • Industrial-grade 15″ XGA TFT LCD with 70K lifetime and LED backlight
  • Built in computing engineering to meet the rapid docking between SCADA and MES
  • HMI system can be used to expand the third-party work report, electronic operation instruction and other rich scenes.
  • Combined with equipment efficiency or work order management solutions, it can control equipment real-time efficiency and output status

Datasheet (PDF)

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