Red Lion’s N-Tron® series 7000 managed industrial Ethernet switches provide Gigabit connectivity ideally suited for connecting Ethernet enabled industrial and security equipment. The 7000 Gigabit Ethernet switches are well suited for use as a fiber optic ring manager or an aggregation switch. With SNMP, web management and N-View™ support, remote diagnostics and monitoring are easy.


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4 Reasons Why Gigabit Switches Are Used For Industrial Operations

You would be surprised to know that the normal Ethernet switches that we use in our daily life is not suitable for industrial applications. Generally, these Ethernet switches are designed for normal operations. While Ethernet switches are designed for extreme operations.

For industrial operations, gigabit switches are the best option. Although these Ethernet switches are more expensive than normal Ethernet switches, they offer multiple benefits. Let’s analyze some of the capabilities of these Ethernet switches and see why these Ethernet switches are popular in industrial operations.


One thing is guaranteed when using gigabit switches is a high level of performance. These Ethernet switches from Star Tech have multiple features such as VLAN, port mirroring, Quality of Service (QoS), N-Ring™, and IGMP & SNMP. Due to this reason, you get a high level of operational flexibility. Unfortunately, you can never get this type of operational flexibility from normal Ethernet switches.


Unlike normal Ethernet switches, these switches provide performance monitoring. With the help of N-View technology, you can check 47 different status points and port conditions on these switches. On the network computer, you can check all these statuses very easily and take necessary actions.


Another benefit of using Ntron Ethernet switches is that you get better connectivity. The main feature of this Ethernet switch is 10/1000/1000Base-T(X) port speeds. You get a maximum level of flexibility from this switch because it uses a combination of copper, fiber, and SFP ports. For this reason, most industrial sectors in GCC countries love to use these Ethernet switches.


You would be surprised to know that you get the highest level of security from these switches. To achieve the highest level of security these switches utilize SNMPv3 communication protocol and port-based MAC address filtering. As a result, you get a safe connection when you use these industrial Ethernet switches from Star Tech for networking.