Data Station

Red Lion’s Data Station protocol converter and data acquisition system is designed to act as a nexus for next-generation industrial data collection and management. Built-in MQTT connectors accelerate IIoT projects with point & click simplicity, while embedded OPC UA server functionality eliminates the need for separate system hardware to gather and exchange data with upstream systems. The optional SQL queries capability simplifies activities like quality control, production scheduling, and batch and recipe management.



Choose the Best Systems for Your Application
With native support for over 300 different industrial protocols, the Data Station is the most versatile, easy-to-use communication platform available today. It seamlessly manages multi-vendor applications and provides the ability to network-enable existing, orphaned equipment. Select the PLCs, drives, motion controllers or PID controllers that work best for a given application, regardless of vendor, and manage everything from one Red Lion Data Station.

Streamline Data Transfer to Management and Enterprise Systems
An embedded OPC UA server eliminates the need for additional intermediate server hardware. Users can enable the OPC UA server feature with a simple Yes/No selection and select any data tag to make it available to OPC UA clients. Dead bands can be added to any tag to reduce communications overhead.

Easily Integrate Multi-Generational Systems into your IIoT Strategy
Simplify communication between disparate serial, Ethernet and fieldbus devices orphaned by incompatible communications standards with Crimson’s intuitive point-and-click user interface. Build on-premise or cloud-based IIoT connectivity directly into any equipment using the DA10D or DA30D Data Station and Crimson’s easy-to-follow cloud connector services editor.

Automate and Manage Remote Assets
The Data Station excels at keeping personnel informed of machine and process performance. With its built-in web server, remote personnel can monitor as well as control equipment from virtually any networked device. Our latest generation Data Station’s web server supports HTTPS operation with the provision of certificates, responsive design with a full-screen option ideal for tablet or mobile display, and HTTP redirect, CSS and JavaScript support. The Data Station can also alert personnel about existing or potential issues to ensure problems are addressed quickly in order to minimize downtime.

With One Device, Connect Virtually Anything to Anything Else
With up to three built-in serial ports and a 10/100Base-T(X) Ethernet port, the Data Station enables seamless communication between disparate devices. Up to 10 different Ethernet-based protocols are supported on the DA30D, enabling disparate TCP protocols to communicate with ease. Additional communication options include CAN, DeviceNet and Profibus, available for models with optional card or communications module support.

Harness the Value of Industrial Information
With its built-in data, event and security logger, the Data Station protocol converter and data acquisition system offers a powerful means for recording continuous data as well as events and alarms. Data can be acquired from any or all connected devices and compiled into a single CSV-formatted file, where it can be stored, displayed, emailed* or automatically synchronized with an FTP or Microsoft SQL server.