Embedded panel pcs UAE

Embedded panel pcs UAE

You get to see panel computers in most commercial places today. These types are also termed embedded systems. These devices are best to be installed in public places or industries. The PC is ideal for any spot that is exposed to a harsh environment.

You can check out the complete range of panel computers online at Star Tech. if you are going to install a system that is exposed to dust and moisture, then you need to buy an embedded PC. As you have multiple options, it is important to focus on a few selected specs.

Fan-less unit

This is a specific type of embedded panel PC that does not have a fan installed. The PC unit lacks a proper vent system. It is ideal to select this type if you need to install it in a place that has a lot of dust. The PC panel is completely sealed.

  • You can ensure that no airborne particle shall enter the PC unit even if you install it outdoors
  • Do not install Panel PCs fan-less type in areas that are overheated
  • This might affect the performance of the PC

Touch screen or panel type

If you are going to install a PC in your restaurant or food outlet, then you need touch screen type. You can also select the touch panel type. Just ensure you collect sufficient information from Panel PCs Dubai dealers in advance.

Touch devices are best for integrated solutions. The best part is that you can install a panel computer at almost any location. The devices are also easy to input any information.

Mounted or not

You can have an embedded type that does not need to be mounted. These types can be installed on a wooden frame as well. For industrial and commercial applications, you can check out online at Star Tech. it is obvious to have a technical person guide you in making the right selection.

Finally, you also need to think of the right size. It is best to purchase a PC if you have already decided on the location to install it. 

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