For the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), we are the strongest regional supplier of complex industrial automation and computer systems. Through our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions and great customer support, we enable employers across a variety of industries to optimize their operations, increase productivity, and undergo digital transformations.

Our Expertise:

We have established ourselves as a dependable partner for organizations looking to improve their operations and stimulate growth as a result of our years of skill and understanding in industrial computing, embedded systems, and automation technologies. Our team of highly qualified professionals is committed to completely understanding your individual needs and providing solutions that are tailored to meet them.


We are your one-stop shop for cutting-edge industrial computers and automation systems. We help businesses all across the UAE improve their operations, increase efficiency, and achieve sustainable growth because of our commitment to quality, cutting-edge technologies, and customer-focused approach.

Industry-Leading Solutions:

Advantech UAE provides a diverse range of cutting-edge solutions to meet the needs of a variety of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, energy, healthcare, retail, and others.


Advantech Dubai is your one-stop shop for cutting-edge industrial computer and automation solutions in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We serve the demands of organizations across a number of industries, aiding them in streamlining their operations and achieving sustainable growth, thanks to our constant commitment to technological excellence and customer satisfaction.

Unleashed Industrial Power

Advantech Dubai specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions that capitalize on Industry 4.0’s disruptive potential. Our broad range of products and services is designed to help businesses in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, energy, healthcare, and retail, embrace digitalization and gain a competitive advantage.


Advantech Saudi Arabia is your go-to partner for cutting-edge industrial computer and automation solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. By concentrating on technological quality, customer satisfaction, and local assistance, we assist organizations in a range of industries in refining operations, increasing productivity, and achieving long-term success.

Why Do You Select Saudi Arabia for Advantech?

Local assistance and expertise: We have a committed team of local experts aware of the unique needs and difficulties the Saudi Arabian market faces. We offer thorough support, which includes organizations

Our solutions are implemented efficiently and effectively thanks to project management, installation, pre-sales counseling, and after-sales service.

Technical Excellence: We supply Saudi Arabia with the most cutting-edge technology and best practices as a world leader in industrial computers and automation. In order to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving demands of enterprises in the digital age, we constantly innovate.

Quality and dependability are our top goals across the board for all of our products and services. Our products undergo a comprehensive testing process to ensure they live up to the highest standards and provide exceptional performance, toughness, and longevity.

Industry Knowledge: With extensive expertise in a wide range of industries, we have the in-depth industry knowledge and abilities required to understand and manage the particular needs and challenges faced by businesses in Saudi Arabia’s many sectors.


As an Advantech Certified Partner in the UAE, we are glad to provide you with the highest quality industrial computing and automation solutions from a world leader in the industry. Because of our collaboration with Advantech, we can supply you with cutting-edge technology, extensive knowledge, and exceptional customer service, ensuring that you have access to the best solutions for your needs.

We at STAR TECH GCC have made a name for ourselves as a reliable resource for UAE companies looking for Advantech solutions. Our highly qualified specialists are well-versed in using Advantech’s market-leading technologies and solutions to boost productivity and business growth.

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