LPWAN technology

Battery-operated sensors have taken over computers, tablets, and smartphones

LPWAN technology

Battery-operated sensors have taken over computers, tablets, and smartphones. IoT sensors are widely used across industries for asset tracking, air quality monitoring, leak detection, and so on. However, the success of IoT is dependent on secure and reliable IoT connectivity. The connectivity becomes an issue in harsh locations where it is difficult to establish wired connections. Wireless devices such as Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, are expensive especially to tackle the need of large systems. That’s where Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology comes into play. LPWAN is a key driver for Internet-of-Things (IoT) innovation. LPWAN helps connect far-flung sensors and other devices. LPWAN technologies optimize battery life by decreasing power consumption while networking standards ensure reliable connections at low speeds to support low levels of data use. Thus, LPWAN enables energy-efficient transmission of small data volumes over long distances. LPWAN is focused on IoT connectivity for devices (endpoints) that consume low power, send/receive short messages at low speeds, and have low duty cycles. Two categories of LPWANs are:
Cellular (e.g. NB-IoT and LTE Category M1) WANs using licensed spectrum.
Wireless WANs operating in unlicensed frequency bands(e.g. LoRaWan and Sigfox).
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