Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Manufacturers today are seeking efficiencies in production, and the way to transform their business through Industry 4.0. To realize Industry 4.0 does not have to necessitate a major infrastructure overhaul that costs a lot of money. Intelligent factory solutions have the ability to connect and extract data even from unconnected legacy systems, and compute and visualize the data for intelligent management and data-driven digital transformation!

- Improve Productivity
- Reduce Loss
- Increase Profit

KPI Management

Production KPI allows production performance to be measured and compared for real-time management. It also provides immediate customizable notifications so that appropriate people can be alerted in an unexpected factory floor condition or event.

Remote Access, Anytime Anywhere

Mobile access to dashboard empowers operators to view data and get insights proactively. It also supports managers to ascertain business intelligence, make decisions, and determine appropriate actions to take

Dashboard Visualization

User-centric, custom dashboards provide a quick overview on factory operational KPIs. The dashboard visualizations include trends, graphs, diagrams, tables and process displays.

Real-time Data Management

It also allows users to view real-time and historical data in the Industry 4.0 Situation Room to support the managers to have efficient data-driven decision making.