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Advantech's PoE switches and solutions provide multiple switch ports with PoE injector functionality with up to 30W per port for powering IEEE802.3af/at-compliant devices (PD) via an Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for additional wiring. With PoE injector support, all ports are available to contribute to delivering a centralized power supply for automation applications. Furthermore, our PoE switches come with a compact metal housing with an IP30 rating, making them suitable for use in dusty

8GE PoE and 4G SFP Managed Ethernet Switch, IEEE802.3af/at/bt, 53~57VDC, -40~70℃

8GE+4G SFP Port Gigabit Unmanaged PoE Switch

4FE PoE and 4G SFP Managed Ethernet Switch, IEEE802.3af/at, 46~57VDC

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Benefits Of Industrial Power Over Ethernet Switches

If you need to install Ethernet switches for commercial applications, it is advisable to select industrial-grade switches. These types are highly durable and manufactured to keep performing even under harsh conditions. 

The moment you are using quality grade PoE Switches, you can trust that you are using a product that is certified and QC tested for your use. These types of switches are available in multiple specifications. So if your plant is exposed to higher levels of vibrations, then it is advisable to install an industrial-grade Ethernet switch.

Higher temperature resistance

  • Industrial-grade Ethernet switches are designed to keep performing even at higher temperatures
  • The switches should withstand wide temperature variations
  • In general, the switches are designed to keep performing even if the temperature fluctuates between 0 to 40 Deg. C

If the switches have to be installed in manufacturing units, then temperature fluctuations are common issues. You can buy standard-quality switches online from Star Tech. If you are using a quality switch then you don’t need maintenance or replacement very often.


If you are concerned about the commercial process, then durability is important. You may not want to keep replacing the PoE switches just because they are not performing accurately. If the switches are of industrial grade, then it is certain that they are more durable.

For commercial spaces that receive high traffic, it is advisable to install durable switches. You can search online at Star Tech for durable Power over Ethernet switches. One great advantage of industrial-grade switches is that they can withstand vibration to a much greater extent.

Industrial-grade Ethernet switches also deliver quality output as you do not have to face connectivity interruptions or issues very often. For any commercial application, connectivity has always been a major issue. 

So if you invest money in quality switches, then you don’t face connectivity issues. You also eliminate the risk of system collapse due to surge. You may not need a replacement for at least four to five years.

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