Fanless Embedded Computers

Fanless Embedded Computers

Advantech Fanless Embedded Computers are embedded systems engaged in edge computing and highly suitable for remote monitoring and control. Advantech fanless pc offers diverse modular and ready-to-order I/O products to help customers maximize the resulting benefits and rapidly implement diverse applications, such as motion control, machine vision, and rolling stock.

Product Categories


ARK Ultra Rugged Series: In-Vehicle, Rolling Stock and Outdoor Surveillance Fanless Embedded Computers

ARK ultra rugged series are designed for transportation applications such as fleet management, vehicle diagnostics, smart parking systems, mobile surveillance, transportation...


ARK-1000 Series: Ultra Slim Fanless Embedded Computers

ARK-1000 series features ultra-small and low power consumption designs that offer sufficient storage and PCIe expansion for space-limited applications


ARK-2000 series : Easy I/O Flexibility Fanless Embedded Computers

ARK-2000 series is an industrial modular embedded computer with rich I/O, intelligent edge computing, high flexibility and easy PCIe expansion capabilities, featuring wide-input power...


ARK-3000 Series: High Performance Fanless Embedded Computers

ARK-3000 series features high performance computing Intel Core i and Xeon, mini PCIe expansion cards, multi IO expansions, and wide temperature range, being ideal for...


ARK-6300 Series: Mini-ITX Series Fanless Embedded Computers

ARK-6300 series is integrated with a Mini-ITX motherboard with reserved iDoor module for diverse applications.This compact and rugged embedded computer is convenient yet reliable for...


ARK-7000 Series: Extreme Performance Edge Servers

ARK-7000 series feature Intel Xeon processors and multiple expansion slots, delivering high-speed data transfer rates and enhanced remote management.


iDoor Module Mini PCIe Expansion Kit

Advantech's iDoor Expansion Module is a brand-new design concept which utilizes the Mini PCIe card and PCIe expansion chassis. iDoor modules include: communication, fieldbus...

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Storage Modules

Advantech storage modules combine storage expansion modules such as SSD with advanced management software such as SATA interface as a Flash&Memory storage solution...

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