Building Management System (BMS)

Building automation control systems are used across multiple commercial and residential complexes

Smart IoT Technology for Building Monitoring

Building automation control systems are used across multiple commercial and residential complexes to improve the efficiency of automating infrastructures such as lighting, security, heating and air conditioning (HVAC), and so on. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the use of smart technology to control different systems in the building automatically without manual work. It is a spectacular way of managing large buildings with little or limited dependence on human resources. Smart IoT technology ensures that the different systems in the buildings are controlled simply through mobile and/or computer devices. It integrates all of the major building systems into a common network and shared information to bring more alacrity and efficiency to building operations. At Star Tech, we offered highly efficient Smart IoT Technology solutions for building management.
There are different types of IoT sensors that are used for managing facilities including;
Climate Control – includes temperature, vibration, and humidity levels inside the building
Electrical Usage – all sorts of preinstalled electrical system
CO monitoring – to control CO in the building and maintain a healthy environment
Power Usage – monitoring power supply and current flow
Air Flow – filter adjustment and ventilation system
Lighting – light control system to turn on, off, or dim the lights according to time of the day and weather.
Leak Detection – leaks in the coolant systems
Hot/Chilled water system – adjusting the water temperature as per requirement
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Air Conditioners/Heating system – adjusting the temperature according to weather changes
Star Tech is one of the leading IoT companies providing advanced industrial, automation, and networking to a variety of clients in the UAE and beyond. If you are looking for more advanced solutions to bring your commercial or residential building on par with those located in developed countries, reach out to us at Star Tech.

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