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Water And Waste Water

Advanced IoT technology for a water management system to manage the supply system and control wastewater

Smart Factory

A Smart factory is a digitized shop that shares information using connected devices

Smart City & IoT

Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the renowned smart cities in the world, heavily rely on smart technology such as sensors, cameras

Security & Surveillance

Strives to create a safe environment in industries as well as households using video surveillance systems

Power And Energy

The IoT in the power sector has introduced a phenomenal system of interconnected devices to connect and control different devices via networking and actuation

Intelligent Transportation

It is a part of IoT that incorporates both wireless and wireline communications in vehicles to receive and share information

Industrial Cloud Solution (IIoT)

Industrial cloud computing is a technology that is used by asset-intensive industries to use a dependable and secure infrastructure for the transmission of data

Oil & Gas for Industry 4.0 Applications

The solution aims at improving the monitoring system to monitor environments with the use of connected sensors

Building Management System (BMS)

Building automation control systems are used across multiple commercial and residential complexes to improve the efficiency of automating infrastructures

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We provide the details of the products that we are selling, a learning program that includes information about the product & Services for software or hardware

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We focus on answering consumer’s questions about the product or service as they make their buying decision

Onsite Project and RMA Services

For the project, we conduct demos, information on products & presentations for the clients, and service of products believed to be defective.

How To Go About Getting Industrial Automation And IoT Equipment

When it comes to industrial operations, it becomes important for industries to have the right IT, industrial automation, and networking solutions. That greatly depends upon the quality of the equipment that you use in your networking and automation systems. 

If you have been looking for a good manufacturer of network IT solutions and industrial networking for industrial companies in Dubai, then you should choose Star Tech. It is important to know what to look for when you are choosing industrial IT, automation, and networking solutions. 

Find out the industries and operations they cater to: 

It is important to understand the fact that different industries have different automation and IT solution needs. For instance, wastewater management companies would have different automation needs than power and energy companies. 

Construction companies dealing with smart city construction would need different kinds of equipment and tools for IoT applications, this is why it is important that you know the industries they serve so that you can get what you want. 

How they work matters: 

  • The fact of the matter is that you should find out how they work and what products they offer such as rugged PC, Ethernet switches, and other industrial automation equipment 
  • The next important thing you as a company should find out is how they help you in installing and operating. They should get you tech support if you need it, the best suppliers and manufacturers will work closely with you. You would also have to find out whether they can customize the industrial IoT solutions or not and how much they charge 

Companies looking for the smartest companies for industry automation for industrial companies in Dubai should look for companies Star Tech that can get you industrial automation services. You would need to talk to them and discuss your needs and get the exact automation solutions that you need for operations. 

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